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  • Balancing the Location of Wind and Solar PV Investments

  • Increasing the Share of Renewables in Turkey's Power System

    Options for Transmission Expansion and Flexibility
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Energy Transition

Energy transition is defined as a process which aims to alter energy systems for a more sustainable and economically friendly future. Innovative solutions include renewable energy, distributed generation, smart grids and energy efficiency technologies. Rapid dissemination of these solutions will enable a transition to a low-carbon energy system. This is of great importance in tackling climate change which is threatening the human race.

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About Us

SHURA Energy Transition Centre aims to become a sustainable and broadly-recognised platform for discussions on policy, technological, and economic aspects of the Turkish energy sector. SHURA will support the debate on the future of Turkey’s power system through fact-based analysis. Taking into account all relevant perspectives by a multitude of stakeholders, it will contribute to an enhanced understanding of the economic potential, technical feasibility and relevant policy tools for the transition to a low-carbon energy future in Turkey.

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