Our Center

SHURA Energy Transition Center contributes to decarbonisation of the energy sector via an innovative energy transition platform. It caters to the need for a sustainable and broadly recognised platform for discussions on policy, technological, and economic aspects of the Turkey’s energy sector. SHURA’s mission is to support the debate on transition to a low-carbon Turkey’s energy system through energy efficiency and renewable energy by fact-based analysis and best available data. Taking into account all relevant perspectives by a multitude of stakeholders, the center contributes to an enhanced understanding of the economic potential, technical feasibility and the relevant policy tools for this transition. SHURA Energy Transition Center is founded by Stichting European Climate Foundation (ECF), Agora Energiewende and Sabancı University (SU) Istanbul Policy Center (IPC).

In line with this mission, SHURA provides a wide range of knowledge products and services to the Turkish energy community through thematic work clusters of policy, economics, technology and strategic partnership and dialogue across all sectors of the energy system, power, heating and cooling and transport.

Our Approach

The succesfull implementation for the energy transition necessitates building strong and geniune engagement of the all stakeholders to meet the expectations and needs of the all parties.

Enabling a sustainable dialogue across all sectors of the energy system, power, heating and cooling and transport to support the debate on energy transition is the cornerstone of SHURA’s apprach. Prioritizing the stakeholder engagement, SHURA offers an innovative energy transition platform for discussions on policy, technological, and economic aspects of the Turkish energy sector. The starting point of SHURA’s engagement is through its Advisory Council that constitutes prominent individuals of Turkey’s energy sector. SHURA also frequently participates at national and international energy and climate fora to showcase its work. Therefore, SHURA will actively support efforts ensuring the smooth transition of the energy systems by catering discussions on policy, technological, and economic aspects of the Turkey’s energy system.

Management and Team

Ahmet Acar
Energy Analyst
Arzu Özbek
Communications Coordinator
Ayşe Ceren Sarı
Energy Analyst
Emir Çolak
Jr. Energy Analyst
Hasan Aksoy
Head of Research / Acting Director
Nesrin Beyer
Financial and Administrative Affairs Specialist
Sinem Ada
Jr. Programme Officer
Yael Taranto
Senior Energy Analyst

Executive Board

Steering Committee

In order to support the activities of SHURA, the Executive Board assigns a Steering Committee, made up of one representative per founding partner, and additional members signed by the Board. The Steering Committee acts as advisory and sounding board to the Director. Its members are Ms Ceren Ayas from the European Climate Foundation, Mr Philipp Godron from the Agora Energiewende and Dr Umit Sahin from the Istanbul Policy Center. The Committee is chaired by Mr Selahattin Hakman.

Philipp Godron
Agora Energiewende
Selahattin Hakman
Chair of Steering Committee

The Advisory Council

The SHURA Advisory Council provides a vision to SHURA through different approaches and recommendations and, facilitate the use of its outcomes by the Turkish energy sector. The Advisory Council consists of prominent individuals that represent the Turkish energy sectors public sector, businesses, academia, civil society. The Chair of the Steering Committee also chairs the Advisory Council.

Current Vacancies

The Founding Partners

Istanbul Policy Center (IPC) at the Sabanci University (SU) is a global policy research institution that specializes in key social and political issues ranging from democratization to climate change, transatlantic relations to conflict resolution and mediation. The center is located in Istanbul. More information about the IPC can be accessed from here.

European Climate Foundation (ECF) is a major philanthropic initiative to help Europe foster the development of a low-carbon society and play an even stronger international leadership role to mitigate climate change. ECF has six offices in the Hague, Berlin, Brussels, London, Paris and Warsaw. A country office operates in Istanbul. More information about the ECF can be accessed from here.

Agora Energiewende develops scientifically based and politically feasible approaches for ensuring the success of the Energiewende. A think-tank and policy laboratory, centered around dialogue with energy policy stakeholders. Agora Energiewende is centred in Berlin and more information about its activities can be accessed from here.