Balancing the location of wind and solar PV investments

October 2018

Following the SHURA’s first major report “Increasing the Share of Renewables in Turkey’s Power System”, SHURA organised Advisory Council Meeting and Stakeholder Engagement Meetings. “Balancing the Location of Wind and Solar PV Investments” report is answering one of the most important question that been aroused on those meetings.

The Report which presents scientific data about the possible advantages of system-driven approach over resource-driven approach, that is based on the allocation of investment only by resource quality, was launched at 9th Energy Summit.

Upcoming Events


SHURA Energy Transition Center Director Dr. Değer Saygın will participate as speaker in the panel “The Impact of Electric Vehicles in the 2030 Scenario on Pilot Regions of the Largest Distribution Grids in Turkey” in the Sixth National Electricity Equipment Congress organized by the TMMOB Chamber of Electrical Engineers.


SHURA Energy Transition Center  presents information on its upcoming report on “Electrical Vehicles” at the Fifth Energy Efficiency Congress organized by TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers.


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