Lessons from global experIences for acceleratIng energy transItIon In Turkey through solar and wind power

As Turkey advances its energy transition, it can also learn from the useful lessons and experiences of other countries in order to accelerate progress in meeting its national policy goals. National energy transition narratives around the world involve both successes and failures. However, they provide firm evidence that it is possible in all countries to build a system that is cleaner, more efficient, and more reliable by harnessing the local potential of wind and solar energy.

This new SHURA report is based on the review of ten countries selected from different regions around the world. Together they represent around three-quarters of the total installed wind and solar capacity worldwide. It identifies four key areas that are crucial for energy transition, namely: (i) long-term energy planning, (ii) regulatory framework and renewable energy generation costs, (iii) system integration measures, and (iv) innovation in finance and business models. The objective of this paper is to provide a brief review of the selected countries against these metrics and to discuss the commonalities of countries based on their best practices and experiences.

Upcoming Events

28 May

SHURA Energy Transition Center Director Dr. Değer Saygın  will participate in the Working Group III on “Sector Coupling & Infrastructure” at the Turkish German Energy Forum under ICCI 2019 with a presentation titled “Cost and Benefits of Options to Increase System Flexibility”

29 May

SHURA Energy Transition Center  will organize a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Değer Saygın entitled “Financing the Energy Transition in Turkey” as part of  ICCI 2019.

30 May

SHURA Energy Transition Center Director Dr. Değer Saygın  will participate “Energy Storage Turkey” session  as part of  ICCI 2019.

30 May

As part of ICCI 2019, a session entitled “Finance and Investments”  will be moderated by Selahattin Hakman, Chair of Steering Committee of the SHURA Energy Transition Center.



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